Application: Wood stains, oil for parquet flooring, bio plastics


  • Carrier is a self polymerizing linseed oil (air drying)
  • Limited adjustability of viscosity
  • high colour strength
  • Large selection organic and inorganic pigments as well as transparent iron oxides
  • Availability of pigments in different fastness properties (e.g. light, weather or alkali)

    A suitable solution for every demand.

    Market demands constantly change. Our product development takes these changes up and adjusts the product portfolio flexibly and reliably.

    We concentrate on aqueous application systems and on pigment preparations which are based on certain carriers.

    These pigment preparations belong to a hydrocarbon-resin mixture, which can be used universally in different polymer and non polymer application systems, to radical or cationic cured UV-resins, Polyurethane (Ether / Ester) or to pastes based on epoxy resins, on plasticizers with or without phthalate as well as to binders based on renewable raw materials, such as linseed, rapeseed or castor oil.