EU Regulation and updated Material Safety Data Sheets

2015 | EU Regulation and updated Material Safety Data Sheets

As of June 1, 2015, EU Regulation no. 1972/2008 (= CLP Regulation) is to be implemented with regard to classification and labelling of mixtures. As a supplier of mixtures Arichemie will label her products accordingly as of June 1, 2015.

To enable Arichemie customers to classify the used pigment preparations in their mixtures, the classification according to the “old” Directive 1999/45/EC with R-and S-clauses as well the CLP-Classification with H- and P-clauses is mentioned in chapter 2 of the material safety data sheets.

Arichemie series which did not need labelling in the past will not become dangerous goods in the future and will not be marked with respective icons.

Nonetheless a special European regulation is to be applied for aqueous products with in-can preservation.

The preservers with sensitising potential which Arichemie uses, lead to
EU_H208: /Contains … (Name of sensitising product). May cause allergic reactions. /It is to be underlined that this note is to protect allergic persons specifically. For average consumers the labelling range is below the limit by factor 10 and these products are not sensitising. Arichemie does not want to replace well known products which – if used in small doses - protect safely against germs with unknown mixtures underrunning EUH ranges with a number of individual components.

Arichemie customers are able to classify their products accordingly by using the information on concentration in chapter 3. More details are available upon request.

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