Arichemie at the European Coatings Show 2023 in Nuremberg

EPPSTEIN. The specialist for pigment preparations will once again be presenting itself at the world's leading trade fair for the paint and coatings industry on Stand 5-341 in Hall 5. Three new product series will be presented as trade fair highlights, as well as the topic of sustainability, as a central point of current developments.

As a pioneer for water-based pigment preparations, Arichemie is pushing the development of sustainable products in the sense of the "Green Deal". This means concretely:

The development of pigment preparations based on the highest possible content of renewable raw materials, whereby the biodegradability of the raw materials is given significant importance. This follows the direction of the Green Deal with its propagated circular economy. It is also intended to have a favourable impact on the carbon footprint of Arichemie's pigment preparations. In order to improve environmental and consumer protection, non-labelled raw materials are selected and an improved longevity is aimed for by means of suitable in-can preservatives. The performance of water-based products is constantly being optimised in order to expand their application possibilities as substitutes for solvent-based systems. The focus is also on expanding the range of pigment preparations for solvent-free 100% systems.

Product news

At this year's European Coatings Show, Arichemie will present the new aqueous pigment preparation range Vocafine with very finely dispersed pigments. The main areas of application are transparent applications such as wood stains, wood glazes or glass varnishes. There are also good applications for leather colouring and inks. In addition, the series offers the advantage of being low in VOCs according to Directive 2004/42/EC (Decopaint Directive). The current range of colour indices largely covers the needs for applications on wood. An extension with high-fastness coloured pigments is planned.

The other new product is Vocaplast-MS. The carrier material of Vocaplast-MS is a low-molecular MS polymer. The carrier will be cross-linked in the matrix, so that less migration of the carrier and better compatibility in the application system can be assumed. This goes hand in hand with a low influence on the mechanical properties, e.g. compared to plasticiser-based pigment preparations. The main field of application is sealants and adhesives. A basic paste system is planned to cover the RAL colour spectrum as far as possible.

The new Vocaplast-EP series is based on a reactive diluent. All products in this series have the same epoxy equivalent weight. This makes it possible to build up a tinting system, as the hardener quantity is then independent of the colour shade. A basic paste system is also planned here, which is based on the RAL colour spectrum. The main areas of application are 2K-EP floor coating, 2K-EP adhesives as well as 2K-EP potting compounds.

The product highlights of the aqueous pigment preparations

Vocaflex-LF with CIT/MIT free preservation

Vocaflex-LF is an aqueous pigment preparation with main application in in-plant and POS-tinting. The preservation is free of MIT (methylisothiazolinone) and ZnP (zinc pyrithione) according to Ecolabel (Commission Decision 2014/312/EU) and RAL UZ 12a. The tested and well-proven dry film protection remains unchanged.

Vocaflex-EN with isothiazolinone-free preservation for applications in the area of the Toys Directive

Vocaflex-EN is an aqueous pigment preparation for the colouration of water-dilutable lacquers and paints that conform to the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC and EN 71-3, 7 or 9. The raw material selection for Vocaflex-EN was made according to the current state of technology, with the best possible selection for pigments, additives and preservatives. EN 71-7:2020-06 finger paints sets strict requirements for preservation and pigments. Arichemie's goal for the Vocaflex-EN series is to develop the series in line with the requirements of the Toys Directive. The isothiazolinone-free formulations meet the stricter limits for end-uses intended for children under 36 months. Specifically, this means aqueous liquid toy materials.
The range includes a wide selection of organic and inorganic pigments, as well as carbon blacks for Category 1 applications according to AfPS-GS 2019 and REACH Annex XVII No.50.

Vocateint-A is an aqueous, binder-containing pigment preparation that has proved particularly successful in the colouring of paper pulp for the production of decor papers and of aqueous printing inks.
Under the designation Vocateint-FC or -FD, special adjustments are also available for printing food packaging with direct food contact.

Water-based pigment preparations suitable for food contact

Vocafil-FC and Vocafil-FD, an aqueous pigment preparation, for food contact applications. The migration of substances in food contact applications is a technical problem that has become increasingly complex in recent years. The aim of the product development was to take into account the most important regulations of the BfR and the FDA in connection with the Plastics Ordinance 10/2011, the so-called PIM list (Plastic Implementation Measure), and Swiss Ordinance, Annex 10. Only pigments and additives suitable for food contact are used in Vocafil-FC. The Vocafil-FD series fulfils the same conditions, but is based exclusively on FDA-approved pigments (Colorants for Polymers). A selection of organic and inorganic pigments is currently available, as well as low-PAH carbon blacks.

Vocateint-FC and Vocateint-FD were specially developed to meet the requirements of the printing ink sector with regard to migration in food packaging. The additives and pigments used in Vocateint-FC are suitable for direct and indirect food contact according to EU regulations. The suitability includes the so-called PIM list (10/2011) and the EUPiA criteria. The additives and pigments used also fulfil the Swiss Ordinance for use in printing inks with exclusively A-listed raw materials. Vocateint-FD meets the regulatory requirement for FDA-approved pigments. A basic paste system of organic pigments is available.

Product highlights of the resin-based pigment preparations


The UV-curing pigment preparations of the Vocaplast-UV series are based on a multifunctional oligomer and are radical-curing. A new feature of the series is that special formulations of the products are available for use in UV inks with indirect food contact in accordance with the Swiss Ordinance. In general, the series is preferred for wood or parquet coatings and in printing inks. The choice of carrier resin in conventional UV curing is technologically strongly dependent on the application area. Therefore, in addition to the standard product, application-specific carrier resins, monomers or reactive diluents with corresponding functionalities are used on customer request.


Vocaplast-L is based on the renewable raw material linseed oil. The series is characterised by oxime-free additives and is considered to be low in VOCs or solvents. Particularly noteworthy is the excellent transparency in wood stains and wood oils with a wide range of colours.

Aricolor-N is based on a castor oil with a low, specified water content. The pigment preparation is suitable for colouring 2K-PU foamed or cast polyurethane parts as well as for colouring "green" coatings such as wood oils. Special settings are available for applications with direct food contact according to the plastics regulation 10/2011, FDA § 21 CFR (selected paragraphs). Also available are selected Aricolor-N with adjusted density. The main application areas are 2K-PU castings, 2K-PU roller coatings, 2K-PU floor coatings or wood oils.


The series is based on phthalate-free or phthalate-containing plasticisers. It is suitable for colouring PVC plastisols, PMMA, PVB films, MS polymer sealants or ABS and a variety of other water-free application systems. Heliocolor-W consists of a wide range of organic and inorganic pigments. RAL shades and colour tone adjustments are covered with the base paste system.


Vocaplast-A is a solvent- and binder-containing pigment preparation based on a universally compatible aldehyde resin. The solvent has a flash point
> 100°C. The main areas of application are solvent-based coating systems such as alkyd resin or 2K-PU.


Vocaplast-P is a pigment preparation based on a polyether or polyester polyol for use in 100%
2K-PU systems. The main areas of application are 2K-PU castings, roller coatings.

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Brief profile of Arichemie:
Arichemie GmbH, based in Eppstein, Germany, produces and develops pigment preparations. The product range includes pigment preparations for aqueous and resin-based systems, as well as pigment preparations based on plasticisers or renewable raw materials. The products are mainly used in the manufacture of paints and coatings for interior and exterior use, printing ink production, for plastics and staple fibre dyeing. Further areas of application are found in the colouring of wood, paper pulp and paper substrates as well as for office supplies and artists' colours.

Arichemie has been in existence since 1956 and employs 38 people. The products are developed and produced at the Eppstein site. The annual turnover is approx. 14 million EURO. For further information, please visit