Arichemie at the European Coatings Show 2017 in Nuremberg

The specialist for pigment preparations will again have a stand at the world's leading trade fair for the paint and coatings industry in Hall 7, Booth 7-240. The innovations Arichemie will showcase at the fair are Vocaflex-LF for lime and silicate paints, as well as its services relating to tinting systems. New developments being presented are the Vocaflex-EN series with optimised raw material selection for end-use applications that have to comply with the toys safety directive EN 71, and the Vocafil series for food contact applications.

Arichemie will present a new range of pigment preparations for lime and silicate paints (water glass) in a high pH range at this year’s European Coatings Show. The basic paste system is based on the Vocaflex-LF water-based pigment preparation series. This new special version of Vocaflex-LF was developed for application systems in the high pH range with new wetting and dispersing agents, thus expanding the existing portfolio of the water-based Vocaflex-LF series with another field of application. This series basically includes all important inorganic pigments used for architectural paints. The outstanding feature of these pigment preparations is their colour and alkali stability.

For the first time, Arichemie will be presenting its advisory services for tinting systems. These services cover the colour index selection considering customer specific requirements regarding colour space and fastness of the pigments, compatibility testing in the basic application systems, setup of the calibration series, colour calculation, e.g. according to RAL, NCS or corporate colour charts, and manual control of the formulations. Individual tinting systems are developed in close cooperation with the customer and based on Arichemie's technical know-how. The tinting systems are used at point of sale (POS) or in-plant for architectural paints. However, this technology is also opening further application possibilities in various other industries.

Statutory provisions are having a greater effect on product development.


Vocaflex-EN is a water-based pigment preparation for colouring water-soluble coatings and paints that comply with the toy safety directives 2009/48/EC and EN 71-3, 7 and 9. The raw materials for Vocaflex-EN have been selected according to today’s state of the art, choosing the best possible pigments, additives and preservatives available. The range includes a wide choice of organic and inorganic pigments. The toys safety directive has governed the migration limits applying to the end-use since 2013. Testing the migration limits of the final product has been applicable since then.


Various criteria have to be considered when selecting an appropriate pigment preparation for indirect or direct food contact. Alongside the basic technical requirements, the directive applying to each application is as relevant as the statutory provisions applicable in the respective countries. The Vocafil pigment preparation series was mainly developed for applications corresponding to the regulations in the EU, USA and Switzerland. The main fields of application are printing inks, paper and foil coating and viscose.


Vocateint contains a water-based acrylic resin binder. The acrylic resin shows good compatibility with most aqueous application systems. The main field of application is printed decorative paper as well as printing inks. Arichemie has experienced an increased demand for pigment preparations on the printing ink market that are also suitable for printing food contact packaging. For this purpose, the Vocateint series was expanded by a binding agent that is approved for food contact. The Vocateint series is exclusively available with organic pigments.

Resin-based pigment preparations


The UV curing pigment preparations of the Vocaplast-UV series are based on an amine-modified polyether acrylate - a free-radical curing system. They are mainly used for wood and parquet coatings, as well as for printing inks. The application fields in traditional UV curing largely depend on the type of carrier resin used. Due to the sensitive formulations and the reactivity of such systems, Arichemie is increasingly working with customer-specific carrier resins and monomers.


This pigment preparation is based on an aldehyde resin and is suitable for solvent-borne application systems. Although this series contains solvent, it complies with the provisions of Directive 1999/13/EC and is considered VOC-free. The basic paste system consists of organic and inorganic pigments and covers the RAL colours among others. Vocaplast-A can be volumetrically dosed.


The series is based on phthalate-free or phthalate containing plasticisers and is suitable for the colouring of PVC plastisols, MMA or ABS, to name but a few. Helicolor-W consists of a wide variety of organic and inorganic pigments. RAL colours and colour adjustments are covered by the basic paste system.