Arichemie at the European Coatings Show 2015 in Nuremberg

2015 | Arichemie at the European Coatings Show 2015 in Nuremberg

The specialist for pigment preparations will be presenting her new development of Vocaplast-A for the coloration of solvent-based application systems as well as the further developments of the oil-based series Aricolor-N and the water-based series Vocaflex-LF and Vocaflex-EN.

Eppstein. The demand on pigment preparations is increasing. A greater variety of different applications and the specialisation of users also demand a multitude of colouristic and applied technological specialty grades, in addition to assured reproducibility and availability. In the meantime greater importance has also been placed on the product safety with the new evaluation of raw materials due to the CLP regulation in accordance with GHS as well as with the amendment of the
BfR IX and EN 71 regulations.

Vocaflex-LF are water-based pigment preparations which are to a great extent compatible with various water-based systems. They are made of approx. 35 VOC low products on the basis of organic and inorganic pigments as well as with transparent iron oxides. Vocaflex-LF are suitable for gravimetric as well as for volumetric tinting and are successfully used in dosing and tinting devices. The main application areas are indoor- and outdoor paints as well as for industrial coatings. Vocaflex-LF are VOC low as defined by RAL UZ 12a and comply with the requirements of the 2nd level of the EU-Decopaint Directive 2010. Especially for the enlargement of the colour space for the outdoor use of paints and plasters basing on silicate, two new colour indices were included in this product range, for which, besides an alkali fastness, also a high light and weather fastness of pigments are claimed.

Pigment Orange 85 – an innovative supplement to existing mixing systems. Vocaflex-LF Orange 85 is based on an inorganic pigment PO 85 (Colour Index no. 771625). The pigment depends on a modified bismuth technology and is, coloristically seen, a yellowish orange. With the help of Vocaflex-LF Orange 85, clean and brilliant yellow, orange and red colour shades can be obtained, which can be mixed with organic pigment preparations to enlargen the colour spectrum.

Pigment Blue 28 (Colour Index no. 77346) - in comparison to blue and green mixtures, a more brilliant colour shade is obtained by the use of cobalt blue pigment in Vocaflex-LF Mint.

The aqueous pigment preparations of the Vocaflex series set a strong and brilliant colour course due to high quality organic and inorganic pigments. The “classic” series of Vocaflex has been in use for decades as an aqueous VOC containing pigment preparation which has been adjusted according to colour strength. Today it is preferably used in printing inks.

Vocaflex-EN is a water-based pigment preparation series which meets the technical requirements of the toy norm EN 71 regarding pigment choice and preservation best possible. The new generation of the F series is free of formaldehyde and –depot substrates.

Pigment preparations based on renewable raw materials
Aricolor-N is based on castor oil with a low water content and the carrier is in accordance with FDA. The pigment preparation or so called liquid colors can be used for the coloration of thermoplastics, polyurethane and “green” coatings.
Vocaplast-L is a paste based on linseed oil which achieves outstanding transparency in various colour shades of wood coatings but which can also be used in bio-plastics basing on corn or potato starch.
Vocaplast-P basing on the “green polyol” Sovermol was developed for the polyurethane processing industry.

The UV-curing pigment preparations of the Vocaplast-UV series are based on customer-specific resins. They are preferentially used in printing inks and surface coatings, and are based on free-radical or cationic-curing systems.

Optimally suited for each application
The most suitable pigment is selected according to the area of application. This is where the many years of experience and the extensive know-how of Arichemie GmbH, which is situated in the Hessian town of Eppstein, comes into play – the company has been specialising in the development of pigment preparations in the B2B area since 1956. For Arichemie GmbH, solution-oriented collaboration with the customer takes first priority. As a mid-sized company, it is able to react flexibly, specifically and individually to customer needs and find the optimum product for the respective application, together with the customer.